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James W. Loewen (1942-2021)

We mourn the loss of our friend and colleague and remain committed to the work he began.


New York

Basic Information

Type of Place
Metro Area
NYC mainland
Politics c. 1860?
Strongly Republican
Unions, Organized Labor?
Don’t Know

Sundown Town Status

Sundown Town in the Past?
Was there an ordinance?
Don't Know
Don’t Know
Year of Greatest Interest
Still Sundown?
Probably Not, Although Still Very Few Black People

Census Information

The available census data from 1860 to the present
Total White Black Asian Native Hispanic Other BHshld
2000 6543 6012 75 316 3 192

Method of Exclusion

  • Zoning
  • Realtors

Main Ethnic Group(s)

  • Unknown

Group(s) Excluded

  • Black
  • Jewish


New York City Resident:

“Sarah Lawrence is in Yonkers but is delighted to have a Bronxville address because that’s more prestigious, partly because it’s more white. This dates to when Bronxville invited SL and a parcel of its neighbors to join their PO to get a larger volume of mail and thus stay open. Bronxville is said to discriminate against whites from Yonkers, and of course against blacks. Dutch Reformed Church is big; upper-class.”

“Housing: How High the Barriers,” ADL Bulletin 16 #1 (1/1959), 8:

In the mid 1960s, Gov. Nelson Rockefeller founded the Urban Development Corporation to place scattered-site public housing in white communities. This led to a vast uproar in Bronxville, 2-acre zoning in much of Westchester.

“Housing Discriminatino Against Jews,” ADL Reports, 2 #5 (1/1959), 41:

“The Incorporated Village of Bronxville in Westchester County has earned a reputation for admitting to its precincts as home-owners or -renters only those who profess to be Christians. According to informed observers, this mile-square village, with a population of 6500, does not have any known Jewish families residing within its boundaries…. Even in the apartment buildings located in Bronxville there are no known Jewish tenants.”

I taught at Bronxville HS from 1987 to 1993, so these Concordia incidents happened in that time. A group of senior boys came to school on Halloween in blackface as the Jackson Five and expressed surprise that this was racist (until I offered to drive them over to Mt Vernon HS to see how many laughs they got there — they went home and changed “costume.”)

Such is the consciousness of the town.
The anti-semitism isn’t far behind, either. The country club once requested that a family keep their nanny inside the main building and not out by the pool because she wasn’t white.

Email from former resident:
“I grew up in Bronxville, 1970 1992. When I was in high school I remember a neighbor coming to the door collecting signatures from neighbors as a final step in selling his house [to get agreement, a requirement that kept it white].”

A hispanic man said in an email: “In 1982 I and a few white friends went to catch a movie. We exited afterwards and my bicycle tire had a flat. It was dusk and on our way out of the town the police intercepted and stopped us, questioned us, and then followed us out of the city limits.”